Hog Roasts


Just what it says on the box ” Our Pigs are Pigalicious “

A warm welcome from the  Hogfather and his little weaner (known as Luke)”


Kilvrough Welsh Pigs also have available a hogroast machine for those that wish to have a good party..

Fully traceable Pedigree Welsh Pigs available for a hogroast on a spit. Hogs up to 80 Kilos can be used in this machine.

A carousel attachment is available to roast up to 140Kilos of Boned and rolled joints should you require.

Other meats can be sourced together with the Pedigree Welsh Pork joints to make the perfect day.


Unlike other Hog Roast Companies we do not use intensively farmed and imported pigs we only cook fully traceable pigs reared by ourselves  all born and bred on the beautiful Gower Peninsular in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty we do consider a “Hog Roast” to be the whole pig, not just joints of pork,but we do cater for all peoples requirements.

We own a Herd of Pedigree Welsh Pigs supporting the only native breed of pig found in Wales. Our pigs are reared under High Standards of Welfare using traditional farming practices. Because we only breed “Pedigree” pigs they all carry their own identity mark in the ear making them fully traceable.

We believe that the pork from the Pedigree Welsh Pig has the superior quality and flavour that ensures our product is in a class of its own and enjoyed by our customers at both private and public functions.



* Fully Traceable

* Succulent

* Full of flavor

* By eating the pork you are helping preserve the breed