About Us


The Herd was started in January 2005 by Mike and Luke Cross a father and son team.

Mike was unfortunately left with injuries after 29 years of work with the police service and was pensioned off in unfortunate circumstances. His work involved in those days the training and working of general purpose and explosive search dogs an occupation that was dearly missed.

Animals were in his blood so it was not surprising that together, the father and son team started the KILVROUGH HERD OF PEDIGREE WELSH PIGS.


Now what was the choice of pigs that were to be kept ?

It was not a difficult decision…… after some research it was found that the PEDIGREE WELSH PIG was kept in the 1920’s on the land they owned in KILVROUGH.

This is where they now keep the KILVROUGH HERD of PEDIGREE WELSH PIGS.

In 2005 there were NO PEDIGREE WELSH PIGS on the Gower Peninsular Mike and Luke Cross are proud that they brought the PEDIGREE WELSH PIG back to the Gower after many years without Welsh Pigs.

KILVROUGH PEDIGREE WELSH PORK has featured in many award winning dishes produced by local chefs and processing Charcutier companies,