Just what it says on the box ” Our Pigs are Pigalicious “

A warm welcome from the  Hogfather and his little weaner (known as Luke)”

I believe in giving everything a free-range lifestyle. Here on my smallholding, I respect the animals I rear and give them the quality of life they deserve. All the livestock are reared both indoors and outdoors, in natural conditions; they graze at leisure, eating and growing at their own speed, without the aid of artificial growth-promoters or unnecessary medication.

I rear animals on a small scale through choice; I have never wanted to be a large-scale intensive farmer, because quality, not quantity, has always been my aim. It may not be as cost effective , but what matters is that I produce top quality meat in a natural and welfare-friendly way. There are better ways of making more money out of this kind of business – and of reducing the price passed on to the customer – but at what cost to the livestock?

Pedigree Breeding Stock is usually for Sale from our Award Winning Herd of Pedigree Welsh Pigs. We can also supply Top Quality Weaners for fattening and Outstanding Suckling Pigs

I take orders all year round for my Pedigree Welsh Pork , which is sold in boxes butchered ready for the freezer ,if requested- can even be butchered to suit your specific requirements. I also offer home-cured bacon and ham all year round, as well as delicious Pedigree Welsh Pork sausages and burgers, these products are produced from our own pigs, by an award winning Charcutier Company.

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